Software Architecture Toolkit

software architecture toolkit


This post contains the curated list of tools, patterns, processes and frameworks useful in any software architecture practice.

The audience for the below list is wide, ranging from the software engineers and tech leads to enterprise architects.

Software Architecture Diagrams

Software Architecture diagrams are the key technology visualisation technique used by system architects. Below is a list of commonly used software architecture diagraming frameworks.

  • Mingrammer Diagrams. Draw and version control your cloud system architecture in Python. Part of Diagrams as Code practice. Open source project.

  • Mermaid. Markdown inspired framework for generating diagrams and charts. Based on Javascript programming language. Open source project.

  • PlantUML. Software tool which allows to generate various diagram types from specific text based definitions. Widely supported in industry with multiple plugins. Based on the Java programming language. Open source project.

Architecture Decision Records

Why is usually more important than how.

An Architecture Decision Records or short ADRs is a technique of maintaining simple and concise documents that explain why technical decisions are going to be made this way.

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Architechture Assesments

The approaches and frameworks below will help you assess existing software architectures and plan what good looks like for future systems.


Well-Architected has become the universal framework for building reliable, secure, and performant cloud applications.

Once AWS released well-architected framework related to their own cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud followed with equivalents.

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Domain Driven Design

It's a collection of principles to design elegant technical systems.

Based on the business domain models it reduces the gap between the functional purpose which technical system has to serve and its code implementation.

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